About me

I share my time between the arts and sciences, disciplines that I unknowingly began to marry in the formative years of my adolescence. My parents bought our first SLR camera just prior to a trip we took to Western Canada. It was my first time seeing mountains and the first challenge of capturing in an image my response to an overwhelming landscape in front of me. That camera drew me outdoors, through forests, along lakes, rivers, and eventually to my paddle. No doubt, it also lead me to my academic path in physical geography. As a hydrologist I have researched glaciers in Switzerland, snowmelt processes in the boreal forest of northern Manitoba, and more recently the impacts of flow alteration on river ecosystems and the effect of climate change on the regional hydrology of Ontario. A continued weaving of scientific curiosity and an artistic appreciation of those same natural elements. Increasingly, travel influenced my photography as I began to wander further from southern Ontario and spend a significant time in Sweden, where not only the natural landscape but the cultural landscape caught my eye. Recently, and inexplicably, my interest has expanded to portraiture, a new challenge in lighting, expression, and style.